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Happy Puppy

You Got A Puppy...Now What?

Puppies are a great addition to a family. The question we get the most is...."When can we start training?'

While training is important to a puppy, we feel that there are many things you can do at home with your puppy that are far more beneficial than attending a puppy class where it kinda looks like tons of 5 year olds hyped up on sugar.


Puppies are born social and really don't need to practice these skills. But they are not born desiring a human bond or relationship....and that is what we believe is important to create. Obedience can be taught at any point in a dog's life, but you get one chance to create a stable, confident and balanced dog during puppyhood. 


We are happy to talk with you about raising your puppy before they are ready for training at about 5 months old. 

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