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"Kate is one of the best dog trainers I know. She has helped me with two of my dogs. A insecure Tosa and a very active very dominant Malinois. She help me learn how to control one dog and to give confidence to the other. Your getting a great return on investment when Kate works with you and your dog."

Jennifer with Kimber


"Kate is an incredible trainer. She has helped me develop an even better relationship with my two dogs. My two dogs love her to pieces, and do whatever she wants. It's like she's a magician who is willing to share her secrets with clients because my dogs listen to me now, too. If you're looking for an honest, reliable, knowledgeable dog trainer, Kate is your trainer. 😊"

Jen and Seth with Meeko and Gibbs


"If you want a happy, confident, reliable dog Kate is the trainer you have been looking for. She is my English Lab, Huxley’s, trainer and although we started when she worked with another company, I followed her, because of the bond she built with my dog, the trust I have in her abilities, and the capabilities she brings out in Huxley.


She understands the individuality of each dog she encounters and loves and trains them as if they were her own. But that is not where it stops. Kate has been there to guide me as a dog owner, give great advice on common issues, and make sure I’m getting what I need from her services.


I’ve been asked numerous times at dog parks why my dog responds so well to me. All I can ever say is he had a great foundation, from a great trainer that put us on the right track. I drop Kate’s name like she just released the new #1 song on the billboard charts. If you are looking for a trainer, you can stop now. You have reached the best."

Jaime with Huxley

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