What we offer your pet


If your dog needs help with a specific physical or behavioral issue, Board and Train Programs with KC-K9 Academy may be a great option for you.

Our Board and Train programs are done in our trainer's home, where your dog is safe and looked after their entire stay. No cold lonely facility where your dog is left alone at night. 

This program allows us to "jump start" your dog's training for you. Then we help you continue your success though private lessons after your dog returns home .  

  • Basic or advanced manners/obedience

  • Leash Walking

  • Barking at people or dogs

  • Hyperactivity in the home

  • Destructive behaviors

  • Bolting out the door

  • Jumping on guests

  • Counter surfing 

  • Digging 

  • Confidence in new locations

  • Having reliable obedience in any environment 

  • Resource guarding (food/toy aggression)

  • Generalized fear & anxiety

  • Dog or human aggression 

  • Recall 


Private lessons offer you the ability to learn as you go with your dog. We work with you weekly to help you succeed. Lessons can be done in your home or a public venue. This step by step program works well for dogs with previous training and minor issues. Not recommended for dogs with aggression or reactivity. This program is slower paced for those who want to do more of the training on their own with weekly guidance.

  • Leash walking

  • Potty training

  • Yard boundaries

  • Barking

  • Kennel training

  • Interactions with other pets in the home


Don't know which program is right for you? We offer a free consultation!

Madison Area: 608-206-6396

Oconomowoc Area: 262-218-4984

Milwaukee Area: 414-240-5189

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