Let us help you start your puppy off right. Our 3 private lessons show you all the steps needed to raise a rockstar. (14 weeks to 20 weeks old)

  • ​Leash manners

  • Out/Leave it

  • Sit

  • leashed recall

  • Lure and Marker words


Perfect Puppy 1 Month Program

Want to give your puppy the best start possible during the crucial developmental stages? 

Puppies 12 weeks to 8 months

4 week Stay and Train Program


  • Potty training

  • Kennel training

  • Social Skills

  • Play drive for sport or fun

  • Confidence building

  • Leash skills

  • House manners

  • Water confidence

  • Marker/Duration word loading

  • Foundational obedience

  • Weekly updates and photos

  • Earn credit towards other advanced programs