Colt is a red tri Border Collie born in 2015. Colt was a singleton puppy, meaning he had no litter mates. Colt is our main demo dog who specializes in disc, flashy obedience and tricks. 

Colt holds the title of first border collie to be a professional Bat Dog in the country. He retrieves baseball bats after hits for the Madison Mallards. 

Colt also has 4 levels of trick titles and a dock diving title. 


Malik is a Belgian Malinois Border Collie Mix. He was born on Leap Year 2020. Malik is still finding out what he likes to do as far as sports, but is really loving Schutzhund with his bigger bother, Colt. 

Malik recently earned is first dock diving title and received an invite to dock diving regionals at only 6 months old.


Kovu is a Border Collie born in December of 2017. He is full bother to Colt as they have the same parents. Kovu specializes in Disc and dock diving, Kovu holds a Master title in distance as well as a Master and Senior title in Air Retrieve in dock diving. Kovu also hold the record for youngest Bat Dog currently. He was 7 months old on his first bat retrieval. Both he and Colt fetch bats off the field for the Madison Mallards. 

Check out Colt and Kovu as Bat Dogs on their facebook page: Colt and Kovu the Bat Dogs


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