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Our Day Camp Program is the perfect mix of day camp and training. This allows you to work with your dog daily but still see faster results.

This basic on leash program comes in 3 different levels. 

2 Days a week for 3 weeks

3 Days a week for 3 weeks

4 Days a week for 3 weeks

We can upgrade your program from the basic on leash program and introduce new training tools for off leash training if requested. This will make it a 4 week long program once the foundations are learned in the previous weeks. There is an upgrade cost to this. 

You drop off in the morning and return for the pick up with a go home lesson. This program is available Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays. All drop offs and picks ups are scheduled for specific times. 

**Your dog MUST  know how to kennel/crate properly to be eligible for this program. There are times we crate dogs during the day or go on field trips and you dog will need to kennel in the van. 

Programs start at $2099.00. Program eligibility is determined at evaluation.

Two dogs

What's Included:

  • 12 group class or 3 months of group classes (which ever expires first) FREE of group class 

  • Weekly Field Trips in Public 

  • Professional photo during the program

  • Nutrition consulting

  • Lifetime Support via E-mail, phone or text

  • All base program equipment is included

  • Discounts to seminars, Pack walks and more

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