Our Day and Train Program is the perfect mix of day camp and training. You drop your dog off in the morning before work, and return later for a pick up and a lesson. This allows you to work with your dog at night but still see faster results.

We offer this program 5 days a week. We have you drop off before 10 am and return before 5pm with  a lesson.  We aim for 4-5 hours of training each day.

Two dogs

What's Included:

  • Lifetime Group Classes. Come as much or as little as you want. Let the community of clients we built help you practice behaviors and build confidence in a controlled environment with controlled dogs. 


  • 1 year of Continued Support


  • Boarding. We offer boarding to our own clients only. Let your dog stay with someone they know in a home setting. We also make sure that their training stays up to speed while with us. 

  • All needed equipment is included