If your dog needs help with a specific physical or behavioral issue, Board and Train Programs with KC-K9 Academy may be a great option for you.


Our Board and Train programs are done in our trainer's home, where your dog is safe and looked after their entire stay. No cold lonely facility where your dog is left alone at night. 

This program allows us to "jump start" your dog's training for you. Then we help you continue your success though private lessons after your dog returns home.  Program length is determined though our FREE evaluation with our trainer. 


  • Leash walking

  • Barking at people or dogs

  • Hyperactivity in the home

  • Destructive behaviors

  • Jumping on guests

  • Counter surfing 

  • Digging 

  • Sit

  • Place

  • Long line recall


(includes basic)

  • Confidence in new locations

  • Down

  • Door boundaries

  • Kennel training (adults only)

  • Off leash foundation (Does not guarantee off leash ability)

  • Non- aggressive social skills

  • Muzzle conditioning


(includes basic and intermediate)

  • Dominant behaviors

  • Secondary foundation for
    off leash ability

  • Sit at a distance

  • Down at a distance

  • Formal heel

  • Distraction training

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