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Board and Rehab

 This program was developed for dogs with anxiety, fear and other larger issues. We work on trust building, confidence and relationship development through strong leadership, compassion and respect. 

  • 3-4 week program depending on issues 


Your dog will spend time training at our facility during the day and then come home with the trainer for the night. No dogs are left in the facility at night alone. ​


*Dogs must be completely potty trained

*Dogs can not try to self harm or escape if kenneled

*Dogs must be able to travel in a car (kenneled)

*Minimum age is 8 months old

*Dog must come with a muzzle if there is a history of human bites

This program is reserved for dogs with more serious issues.

We only work with one dog at a time in this program. 

  • 12 group class or 3 months of group classes (which ever expires first) FREE of group class. Let the community of clients we built help you practice behaviors and build confidence in a controlled environment with controlled dogs. 


  • Lifetime Support via E-mail, phone or text

All needed equipment is included

What's Included:

Dalmatian Dog
Lazy Brown Dog
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