During her career as a trainer, she was one of the top obedience trainers within a large nationwide company with the top performing Border Collie in the company. She currently is involved in dog sports with her her two Border Collies as well as her Belgian Malinois/Border Collie, including disc, dock diving, scent detection and protection sport. 


Kate specializes in drive building for sport and working dogs, diet and nutrition with emphasis on raw feeding and puppy raising and is also Pet Food and Raw Food Nutrition Certified.


Owning a dog is an amazing and rewarding experience, but also a responsibility, not a luxury. Training your dog properly will lead you to a greater relationship with your dog. One being that of understanding and respect. She will immerse you fully in the training process, and with this attention based approach, she finds that owners end up learning as much, if not more, than their dogs. 

Kate also will appear on A&E 
America's Top Dog in Season 2 Episode 6

Kate Bucci


Kate started KC-K9 Academy because she wanted to offer people and their dogs a new method of training. Attention and reward based training.

Kate, has been working with dogs since the age of 10 as a junior handler with AKC. She started grooming professionally at 18 years old and still uses these skills to help in her training programs. She also attended college to study as a Veterinary Technician. 

KC-K9 Academy Dog Training is Southeastern Wisconsin's most trusted professional trainer.

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